Community partners share words of gratitude from their clients:

"Dear Second Chances,
You do not know me but I wanted to thank you for the beautiful clothes I received through Second Chances! I was so excited about the clothing and when I looked through everything, I was absolutely amazed at all the wonderful things. I couldn't have done a better job picking things out myself! Everything I asked for and more was included and I am so thrilled to have such a wonderful wardrobe! I wish there were better words than thank you!" —Beth C.


Client handwritten note of thanks


From one of our community partners:

"I cannot tell you how much you have helped the women I have worked with over the last couple of years, and how important what you do is for their self-esteem. Many of my clients have begun their transformation with your clothing. It is impressive to watch. You have a gift." —Susan, Client Advocate & Stabilization Support Coordinator, Transition House


From one of our donation bin hosts:

"We have hosted a Second Chances clothing collection bin at the Whole Foods Market River Street location in Cambridge, Massachusetts for more than five years. As the former Community Relations Director for Whole Foods Market, I could not have asked for a better partner than Second Chances and founder Andrea Shapiro.

Second Chances always maintained their bin extremely well with frequent pickups, and I never had to worry about overflow. Our customers in Cambridge very much appreciated that Whole Foods supported a local charity, but even more so appreciated the opportunity to donate their gently worn clothing knowing that it would be repurposed to those in need in our own community.

Andrea and the Second Chances team were always very gracious about including Whole Foods Market in their marketing and public relations endeavors via their newsletter and website even though we never asked for it.

Andrea also is an amazing idea person and constantly looking for winwin opportunities. She suggested hosting clothing drives for our team members and when we did, it was so well received that our team members thanked our leadership for the opportunity to give back. I recommend to any business looking for a turnkey solution to give back to the community they serve, to partner with Second Chances." —David Remillard, Former Marketing and Community Relations Director, Whole Foods Market


Eric has flourished since he and his mom left a violent home seven years ago. Now eight years old, he skipped second grade and is doing great in third grade. Second Chances worked with Transition House to provide clothing for every season that first year, and Nancy remembered that. This year, she was able to give back, and got in touch with Second Chances to contribute to someone else’s second chance.