Host a Clothing Drive

We’re grateful to 50+ volunteers and organizations that host clothing drives each year.
Here’s how you can host a successful drive to support our neighbors.

Coordinate a clothing drive or event at work or home to benefit Second Chances.

Do you work for a company or belong to a congregation, organization, or social group that would appreciate the opportunity to support other community members? Are you hosting any kind of gathering – book club meeting, wedding, birthday, or anniversary party?

Then why not include a clothing drive to benefit Second Chances? Ask your colleagues, neighbors, guests, or members to bring their used clothing and/or financial contributions.

Second Chances can provide you with a marketing tool kit including a special webpage with your logo and a poster you can print with information about our work, what donations we accept, and how donors should package their donations. For larger events, we can pick up from you after the event and possibly even stop by your event to talk about our work.

Please read first: Clothing drive information and tips (click here for a downloadable PDF) »

Sample poster for clothing drive: Click here to download a Word document you can customize, or get in touch and we’ll create a poster for you.

Additional posters to mark where you’d like donations dropped off:

Yes, I would like to host a clothing drive.

Host One of Our Donation Bins

Want to host one of our clothing donation bins at your location? We are looking for locations for donation bins in Somerville, Cambridge, and communities bordering Somerville and Cambridge.

Share Your Ideas With Us

We are always happy to hear of new and interesting ways that we can reach more people and help more people in need.