A few words from Second Chances' founder

On May 6, 2015 nearly 200 supporters gathered to celebrate Second Chances' first decade providing free clothing and new beginnings for our neighbors in need! Thanks to so many generous supporters, we raised over $15,000 to provide even more second chances in the next decade.

At the event, Andrea Shapiro, Founder and CEO of Second Chances, shared Nancy and Eric's story. It's the story of just one of the thousands of families you've supported through a tough time over the past ten years.

From Andrea:

"Nancy and Eric's story really moves me, partly because it shows both the depth and breadth of the impact you're having when you support Second Chances. And mostly because it humanizes our clients - who are no different from us. They are moms and dads and kids of all ages who are experiencing the setbacks and challenges you and I have experienced: loss of a job, health issues, divorce, death. And they're doing their best to stabilize and improve their situations so they can keep moving forward."

Here's the video of Andrea's speech:

And here's the text:

"I don't have a lot of direct contact with the people who get clothing from Second Chances, because we work through their existing service and shelter providers - almost invisibly. So when we hear from them, they're memorable. The names in this story are changed, and some identifying details are missing, but I'm sure some of my colleagues will remember this family.

In 2008, Nancy and her infant son, Eric, fled a violent home and found safety with our partners at Transition House in Cambridge. We brought the two of them clothing multiple times that year, because they'd left with almost nothing. I remember Nancy, because each time, she'd send a beautiful thank you email and photos of her son in his new sneakers and clothing. She wrote about how happy and grateful they both were for our help.

Earlier this year - seven years later - Nancy got in touch because she wanted to donate a stroller, and she remembered Second Chances. We don't take donations of strollers, but I helped to put her in touch with some of our nonprofit partners that serve young families.

I also mentioned that I recognized her name and was happy to hear from her.

This is part of Nancy's email back to me:
Andrea, I am shocked that you remember us. We are doing so well. Eric is 8 years old now, skipped 2nd grade and is doing great in 3rd grade. We are living in a lovely (market rate) apartment. I have an amazing job that I love and I am finishing up my BA at UMass Boston.
I hope all is well with you and Second Chances and I'm really glad to have reconnected.
-- Nancy and Eric

So, this is the impact that you're having when you support Second Chances - together, we're helping people in our community, who are then succeeding in building better futures, and they're giving back to other people who need help to do the same. We're building community and connection, and creating an environment where we can all lift one another up.

And, this is what we want to create more of in Second Chances' next decade. With your support, we can help more people by creating this ripple effect, where the people we serve get housing and training and jobs, and then they go on to help other people in our community. That's our vision for the next decade."

THANK YOU for celebrating our 10th anniversary with us!

And thank you for supporting Nancy, Eric, and thousands of other people in our community.

The celebration continues all year long! And your generosity provides free clothing, self-confidence, and positive new opportunities to neighbors in need.

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